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Everybody knows Vincent van Gogh. Dedicated to him is the famous Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam with over 1.5 million visitors every year. At Fabrique we built their new website as well as a multimedia tour which won several awards in 2015.

A unique part of the website is the so called ‘Prints Collection’ where over 1,900 unique prins are shown in a stunning high resolution, together with lots of background stories and data.

When entering the 'Prints Collection' the starting point is always different. Depending on which prints you select or tags you click, you will explore whole new areas within the collection itself. The historic pictures and related background information gives a complete overview about the French prints over the period 1890 until 1905.

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To really bring the collection to life it's possible to zoom-in on artwork until you can actually see the structure of the paper! With some clever work from Q42 this is even possible on slow mobile phones. See something you like? You can download the prints in small, medium or large resolution.

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Opening prints collection

The big opening of the French prints collection at the Van Gogh Museum was on the 2nd of March 2017. More than 300 unique prints were on display, spread across 3 levels of the museum. The online prints collection page was shown on several touchscreens where visitors can browse through the full offer of 1900 prints.

Work addendum

Designed by Fabrique. Build in 2015, iterations made in 2017.

Team composition

The website and iterations were designed by Fabrique. The team consisted of a Art Director, Interaction Designer (me) and a visual designer. Usertesting was done by the people from Valsplat and development was done by Q42. The website was build in 2015, this case is about the iterations made in 2017.


I was responsible for the interaction designs on all devices and communication with development.

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