Side projects

Story about prototyping and mountaineering

Prototyping Arion. Having short iteration loops really pays off

Arion feature overview

Arion by ATO-GEAR

As Interaction designer I was part of the team to develop a patented system that communicates sensor output from a device in your shoes to usefull feedback in a smart bracelet. This helps the runner to improve his or her running techniques without the need of a coach. The system is highly accurate and affordable for consumers and starting sport professionals.

I was part of the team when ATO-GEAR was founded and won the SPRINT14 Hackathon and Startup Bootcamp Hightech XL. The current team is making big progress and is aiming to have the product in all big running stores soon.


Summit the GroƟglockner in 2015 with 3 friends

Hoher Prijakt Ɯberschreitung in 2016

Dutch Alpine Team

A group of friends that is primarily focussed on exploring the mountains in the Austrian and Swiss Alps region. Practising often happens closer at home in climbing hall Monte Cervino near Rotterdam.

For more info, check our facebook page.