Webshop with a personal touch

Expresso is a fashion brand with several stores in The Netherlands. They are well known for their skilled fashion advisors that help visitors with their choice of clothing and style. Together with Expresso we designed a webshop that offers the same experience online as in their physical stores.

To bring this personal touch to the webshop we applied style advice and how-to-wear tips for every look and collection item. By removing all unnecessary elements the shop feels light and brings the focus to the clothing.

We made is very easy to buy a complete look. All items are displayed together with the available sizes. With the press of a button you can add them all or partially to your shopping basket.

Style tips for every look

Shop the whole look

Aggregated filter options

Work addendum

Designed by Fabrique in 2015.

Team composition

The team consisted of a art director, a interaction designer (me), a visual designer and a project manager. Development was done by PHPro.


I was responsible for the interaction design on all devices. After the design phase I managed communications with the development team and quality controll.

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