Design Museum

Lets move the Retro's!

The world's leading museum devoted to contemporary design in every form from architecture and fashion to graphics, product and industrial design. Early 2015 Fabrique designed their new website which won multiple awards for the navigation and interactions.

In 2016 the museum was moving to a new and larger location. To raise extra money for this huge task we designed a campaign platform where visitors can 'help moving' a design classic to the new location.

A subway map shows the progress of each item. To push your favourite item to the new museum you can choose a distance with corresponding donation amount to get it there. The map is horizontally scrollable for mobile users.

After donating the vistor is redirected to a special 'thank you' page - one for each retro item - where you see a short movie of the item moving around in London.

Swipe horizontal to explore the map

Choose a retro you want to move

Choose a distance with corresponding donation

Work addendum

Designed by Fabrique in 2016. From concept to live all in 1 month.

Team composition

The team sinsisted of a interaction designer (me) and a visual designer. Developed by Q42.


I was responsible for the concept and interaction design. After the design phase I managed communications with the development team.

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